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Mason is also known as bricklayer. Mason is a craftsman who lays bricks to construct brickwork or they lay a arrangement of stones, bricks, cinder blocks, etc. Stonemason is a craftsman who is expert in stone cutting and shaping industry. Stonemason can also set stones. In other words, Mason uses bricks, natural stones, or concrete blocks to build different kinds of structures such as walls, fences, and walkways.

According to the specialization in which the mason is trained, they are called as

  • Brick Masons
  • Block Masons
  • Stone Masons

Most of the mason jobs are full time and they are ready to work extra hours as per the demand to complete the requirement. The job outlook for Mason is also excellent which is expected to grow faster than be around as the construction industry is flourishing day by day to fulfil the infrastructural development.

Steel Fixer

As the construction industry is booming in UAE, the requirement of civil construction worker is growing. Though there are several kinds of construction worker are required in the civil construction but steel fixer are high in requirement. We at Gulfway group are known for providing skilled and dependable construction workers. We offer every type of construction workers for long and short-term basis. If you want some workers for a day, we can easily arrange the same on a short notice. As the demand is high for steel fixers in the country and it is tough to get steel fixers, but we can provide reliable and skilled steel fixers according to your needs.
Steel fixers also called iron workers or rod busters, uses steel bars and position them to reinforce the concrete on construction projects to strengthen the buildings and other big structures. These reinforcing bars are tied together with wires. Steel fixer is also responsible for attaching spacers and chairs which determine the amount of concrete cover.
When you hire our services we assure you to provide the best possible skilled steel fixers. We do a proper screening of U.A.Eh and every candidate to ensure their reliability and skills. Our team of experts has several years of experience in selecting the top-notch candidates according to your requirements. We provide the candidate who has the relevant work experience or work-based qualification so that you do not face any difficulties in handling the manpower.


The construction industry of UAE is booming. It is increasing its construction work day by day with the new projects. But it is also known that there is a lack of qualified scaffolder in various construction related projects. Mostly they hire the manpower from outside labour supply companies to meet the project requirement. Companies operating in U.A.E always require workers for their construction projects.
Here the need of manpower Supply Company arises because it is very difficult for the organizations to hire construction workers from outside. So they take help of Manpower supply companies working in those cities. Construction manpower provide their services in construction of these huge projects. It includes masons, carpenters, riggers, scaffolders, etc. Now, for a big projects in UAE Scaffolders is in demand and we are working towards this.


With the emerging trends UAE is becoming the hub of construction work. Investment in infrastructure has become a substantial part of the construction and projects sector in the UAE. For all construction work labour force is needed the most. As the size of construction work in UAE is growing day by day, construction workers are hugely in demand. For all these constructions manpower is needed. Construction Companies in major cities like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Alain, Ras Al Khaima, Umm Al-Quwain, Musaffah and Jebel Ali needs skilled and efficient workforce.
So they take help of Manpower supply companies who can provide the labour force according to their requirements at a short notice.
Construction workers are the people who give their services to construction companies. It includes masons, carpenter, plumbers etc. Construction workers get training from different labour supply services, those who have in house training centres and become trained on the site. Carpenters are in the highly demand to a civil construction company

There are some types of Carpenters such as

  • Shuttering Carpenters
  • Finishing / Furniture Carpenter
  • Gypsum Carpenter


Rigger is the person who is specialized in the lifting & moving extremely heavy items often with the help of cranes, derricks and chain hoists. The word rigger derived from the days of sailing ships. Earlier a Rigger identified as a person who worked with rigging to hoist the sails. Before mechanical haulage & cranes, ropes, pulleys & muscles power were available to move heavy objects. Now a day, rigger use shackles, cables, clamps or straps to lift heavy objects. Riggers help to operate machines that move heavy objects like steel plates, bundles of steel road, drilling towers, platforms and other heavy construction equipment that are used to build & take down steel structures.


Painter is the person who paints walls or does the whitewash. A painter paints equipment, buildings, bridges, and other structural surfaces using brushes, rollers and spray guns. They remove old paint to prepare the surface before painting and mix colours to obtain consistency. Paints are used in building construction for the visual appeal of building surface, protect the surface against weathering impact, to make the waterproof surface, protect from termite attack & to increase surface durability. There are four places to paint where the painting is required Interior walls & ceiling, exterior wall surface, wooden surface & metal.